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Volume 6 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel


Immerse: Chronicles is the sixth and final installment in Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience. Chronicles contains the remaining First Testament Books: Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Esther, and Daniel. These works were all written after the Jewish people fell under the control of foreign empires and were scattered among the nations. They remind God’s chastened people of their identity and calling to faithfully represent God to the nations and that there is still hope for the struggling dynasty of David.

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Chronicles Quick Start Guide

The Immerse: Chronicles Quick Start Guide offers “3 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Experience,” your 4-week reading plan, as well as “4 Questions to get your conversations started.” 

Chronicles Family Guide

The Immerse: Chronicles Family Reading Guide is a resource designed to assist parents, guardians, and other family leaders in guiding their families through the transformative Immerse experience.

8-Week Reading Plan

If your group is planning to read through Chronicles in 8 weeks, follow along with our 8-week reading plan.

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Week 1 — Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah

Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Part 1

Reading Plan

Day 1 pp. A9-7

Day 2 pp. 7-15

Day 3 pp. 15-25

Day 4 pp. 25-33

Day 5 pp. 33-43

Week 2 — Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah

Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Part 2

Reading Plan

Day 6 pp. 43-53

Day 7 pp. 53-62

Day 8 pp. 63-70

Day 9 pp. 70-80

Day 10 pp. 80-91

Week 3 — Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah

Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Part 3

Reading Plan

Day 11 pp. 91-102

Day 12 pp. 103-111

Day 13 pp. 111-118

Day 14 pp. 118-129

Day 15 pp. 129-141

Week 4 — Esther, Daniel

Esther, Daniel

Reading Plan

Day 16 pp. 143-149

Day 17 pp. 149-155

Day 18 pp. 157-164

Day 19 pp. 165-171

Day 20 pp. 171-181