Experience Life Together in the Bible

Immerse is built on three core ideas: reading a naturally formatted Bible, reading at length, and having unmediated discussions about it together. By simply reading and then gathering once per week in “book club” style groups, your congregation will have a place to voice their questions, talk about their concerns, and celebrate “aha!” moments together.

On September 17, churches across North America began their journey through the Bible using Immerse. By following the nationwide start dates each spring and fall, your church can read through all 6 volumes—the entire Bible—in just 3 years.

Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience begins its three-year journey through the Bible with the Messiah volume. Reading the entire Bible is a new challenge for most people, so we believe it’s best to begin with the most familiar part, the New Testament. This also helps reinforce that Jesus is the center of the whole biblical narrative. After that, congregations can delve into the five volumes that cover the First Testament, getting the crucial backstory that Jesus was born into. Of course, churches are also free to take up any of the six Immerse volumes in any order they want to.

Explore Immerse: The Reading Bible

    Just the Text

    Chapters, verses, section headings, and other modern additives have been removed. What’s left is just the Bible text, laid out in a beautiful single-column format.

  • Natural Literary Structure

    Each book has been formatted according to its natural literary genre, using line spacing and icons to indicate section breaks.

  • Chapter & Verse Ranges

    Included at the top of each page.

  • Custom Book Introductions

    Each book includes a historical and literary introduction to set the scene and immerse you in the Bible’s story.

  • Reordered Books

    In some cases, books are presented in a new order for a better cover-to-cover reading experience.

Program Resources

Immerse comes with additional materials including weekly videos, a custom audio edition, and Family Guide

Weekly Videos

Each week, your community group will watch a 2-3 minute trailer video for the upcoming week’s reading. These short videos will provide some background context and preview some key things to pay attention to as you read.

Audio Bible

The Immerse Audio Bible is the first audio edition that uses natural literary structures instead of chapters and verses to guide the reading. Five different voice narrators keep things fresh and exciting so you can have a great experience listening to the Bible.

Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide is a resource to help small group leaders as they facilitate discussions within their groups. It is designed to answer the questions many leaders have and provides best practices for leading small groups through Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience.

Sample Leader’s Guide (PDF)

Pastor’s Guide

It is important for pastors to champion the Immerse experience by promoting it and encouraging the entire congregation to participate. The Pastor’s Guide is designed to answer the questions most pastors will have and to provide helpful best practices for implementing Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience in the church context.

Sample Pastor’s Guide (PDF)

Join the Movement

This fall, join churches across America as they embark on a Bible reading journey

Cover image for the Prophets, Year 2 - Book 2

Year 2 – Book 2


Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, The Minor Prophets

Cover image for the Poets, Year 3 - Book 1

Year 3 – Book 1


Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations

Cover image for the Chronicles, Year 3 - Book 2

Year 3 – Book 2


Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel