Immerse Stories

Youth Pastor Helps Students Immerse in the Bible

September 20, 2018

Recent data shows 40—50% of Millennials are leaving the church. This includes kids that faithfully attended youth group and went on missions trips. Does that weigh on you and shape the way you do youth ministry? Definitely. James Emery White in his book Meet Generation Z unpacks what the world might look like to the […]

Interview With Immerse Pilot Participant

September 20, 2018

Like many others of his generation, Duane Martin came to faith in college through the Navigators, a campus organization known for introducing people to the Bible right away. When it comes to the Bible, the Navigators are dedicated. Duane bought in fully, reading through the entire Bible every year, memorizing Scripture, and joining a church […]

Immerse Pastor Interview

September 17, 2018

What made you decide to do Immerse? Like most African American churches, we have a weekly Bible class that I lead. But I knew intuitively that our study of the Bible just wasn’t where it should be. Its strange, new Christians were pretty engaged, but veteran Christians rarely participated. When I would ask questions, they […]